Founded in 1997, Koppa Research, LLC is owned by independent researcher, Dr. Howard Perko. It’s lofty goal is to support activities that seek to expand our understanding of gravity and unification with other fundamental forces in nature. General relativity and quantum mechanics describe different physical processes. The mainstream view of quantum mechanics is based on probability wave functions. General relativity is a geometric description of space and time.  The approach of Koppa Research is to describe quantum mechanical waves as geometry consistent with general relativity.

One of the key mechanisms in our studies of spacetime geometry is surface tension. With surface tension, a myriad of particles, waves, forces, and interactions can be derived from nothing but warped spacetime. Concepts from physical chemistry and membrane mechanics are being applied to spacetime. Stress energy and curvature are related through an anisotropic constitutive relation as opposed to the traditional Einstein constant. Equations of motion that govern evolution of the metric tensor resemble quantum field theory. Analogous forms of Schrodinger, Heisenberg, Klein Gordon, Weyl, and Einstein equations are represented in Riemann geometry.

The surface tension theory holds much promise as a potential new way of modeling spacetime.  Yet it is unclear if the model truly provides access to the quantum theory and if gravity is unaltered. Much work remains to fully develop the model and test it in various disciplines.  The primary focus of Koppa Research is to further explore the surface tension model, its merits and shortfalls, and to help disseminate information regarding the model so that others may participate in its development, refinement, and/or revision.